Client Engagement


I thank you for working with John Mullane.   I look forward to supporting your financial goals.

This documents the scope of my service and the relationship between you and John Mullane.   

I am a fully independent and qualified Financial Planner and will at all times be guided by your needs and the best interests of you the client.   I do have an obligation to serve my clients to the standards set out by the insurance licensing authorities and professional organizations of which I am a member.  


I seek your permission to keep records of our meetings and information about your finances that you have disclosed to me and which pertain to my financial services.   I commit to protect this information and destroy it when no longer required to serve you or when requested by you.  

The privacy of your confidential information is important to me.   It may be necessary to share your financial information and consult with other third-party professionals and before so doing I would obtain your written permission.   I will notify you immediately upon identifying any potential breaches of your personal information which may occur.

Only with you permission  will I tell other people that I have provided products or financial services to you.   I will never reveal any of the details of my service to you.    

Overview of Engagement (Scope of Services)

As a licensed insurance agent, John Mullane can provide Life and Health Insurance and investment solutions to protect you and your family.   John can also help you to buy the right travel insurance.  The specific terms of this engagement are limited to what  products address your financial needs and to what is set out in writing.   If we agree that a full financial planning process is appropriate, the scope and details of the financial planning process will be set out in a separate document developed together and signed off by both of us.  Our professional relationship will continue on an on-going basis, until either party submits written notification to terminate the engagement.

John Mullane __________________________________________________

I have read, understood and accept the terms outlined in this engagement letter.


          Client                                                                      Date

I have read, understood and accept the terms outlined in this engagement letter.