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I am a fully independent Financial Security Advisor.  I am a broker for major insurance companies and process my business through Hub Financial, a major Canadian Insurance Agency.  

✓ I am licensed for the sale of Life and Health Insurance in British Columbia ✓ I provide annuities and other investment funds with insurance guarantees ✓ I also provide Employee Group Benefits and Travel Insurance. 

I hold the financial designations of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®), and REGISTERED HEALTH UNDERWRITER.  Further information is available at:


I will notify you if there is a conflict of interest with regard to my service or my recommendations.  My overall recommendation will be based on my analysis of your financial security needs and will set out solutions that best serve your interest.

When considering the purchase of life insurance, living benefits, investment, or banking products, it is important to have an understanding of the product and how it meets your needs.  In addition, it is important to know the company which is offering/supplying the product or service as well as the advisor who is recommending it.  The following information is to inform you on my relationship with the companies I do business with, and how I am compensated.

I have contacted you to discuss possible financial strategies and insurance requirements pertaining to your business and or family’s insurance and investment needs.  My services may be limited to specific products discussed or may include financial planning where a written agreement is made.  I may receive customer referrals from certain businesses as well as from existing clients.  I am unable to advise you on any mutual funds, where I do not hold the appropriate authorized regulatory certificates.

Companies I Represent:

As a licensed insurance broker, I represent several insurance carriers offering life insurance, living benefits and investment products.  My recommendations are based on my assessment of your financial and security needs and are selected from a broad range of products.  I am currently contracted with the following companies through Hub Financial or directly for Employee Group Benefits:

In addition I may refer Manulife Bank products to clients.  

Nature of Relationship with Companies I Represent:

No Insurer holds ownership or interest in my business, nor do I hold an interest in any Insurance Company.  I am the proprietor of J Mullane Financial.  


If you choose to purchase a product through me, I will receive remuneration from the company that offers the product.  I am compensated by either a sales commission or referral fee at the settlement of the product or service.  In addition, I may also receive renewal (or service) commissions from the Insurer where clients decide to keep the policy or contract in-force.  

I may also be may be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses and non-monetary benefits, depending on factors such as the volume or persistency of business that I place with a particular company.  The amount of compensation received will not play a factor in the recommendations made to you.

Conflicts of Interest:

I take the potential of a conflict of interest very seriously.  I will notify you verbally and in writing if there is a potential or real conflict of interest of which I become aware.  My overall recommendations are unbiased and, where possible, are based on an independent survey of companies and products. 

Growing and protecting your assets is paramount to your financial health.  I encourage you to take the time to carefully read policy and account information to ensure your full understanding.  A careful assessment of your financial and security requirements have been considered as part of my overall review.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification on the recommended products, my qualifications, or the nature of my business relationships.


The privacy of your confidential information is important to me.  If you choose to purchase a product through me, I will be required to share your confidential information with all parties relevant to the transactions agreed upon. I will notify you immediately upon identifying any potential breaches of your personal information which may occur.

I seek your permission to keep records of our meetings and information about your finances that you have disclosed to me and which pertains to my financial services.   I commit to protect this information and destroy it when no longer required to serve you or when requested by you.

I may request your permission to reveal to others that I have provided products or financial services to you.   I will only disclose this information verbally when specifically authorized by you.   I will never reveal any of the details of my service to you. 


John Mullane, B.COMM, Cert PR, CFP,  RHU

J Mullane Financial

This statement has been prepared by John Mullane and he alone is responsible for its accuracy.

Client Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge that I have been informed of, and understand this disclosure.  I accept the information disclosed to me and understand that I may ask for further information regarding this disclosure.

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