Life Plan Concepts

Values Based Financial Life Planning

Before we can do any life planning we need to discover what is important to you.

Financial Life Planning is a process that determines how you can best meet your life goals through the proper management of your financial affairs. You need a process to get the kind of life and financial future you want. What I do is support you in putting a process in place that will work for you.

First we need to discover what you wish for your life and what your values are.

Once clear on values we can start a conversation on how we maximize the quality of life for you and your family. To develop an effective financial strategy we need to talk about money. Money is at the centre of our conflict between choosing present or future gratification. We don't try and change your feelings about money. Our purpose is to provide an ongoing process that will allow you to manage those feelings and to focus on your goals and your happiness.

Your financial planning should look at cash flows and encompass your career, your income, and your assets. Your planning should also consider planned expenditures, potential inheritances, or other money that you will come into.

The Financial Life Planning process adds clarity to your life goals and explores ways to make money work for you. We will keep you focused on the positive aspects of money. Money can work for you as a source of power, respect, and freedom. We make money discussions a positive experience.